Steak and Ale

Steak and Ale

Our home made steak and ale is probably one of our most popular lunch time dishes. The Steak is slow cooked overnight in ale making it incredibly tender, then each morning the chefs prepare the baking to make the pie. There has been a bit of eternal struggle between Steak and Kidney and Steak and Ale as to which one is better, but Steak and Ale pipped the post in a recent tast test so we went with that instead!

If you have a preference which dish you’d like to see let us know!

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    This looks absolutely delicious. Could this be placed in the freezer? And if so do you recommend freezing it before or after it is cooked?

  2. 2

    You are a genius! What could make soup better than a carby topping? And roast tom soup is my fave 🙂 Stunning photos, as always!

  3. 4

    So glad to hear that you all weathered the storm ok!! And that soup looks like it’d be the best for cooler weather. Can’t beat biscuits, right?

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